Monday, July 25, 2016

I Am Found by Laura Dingman

Book Description

Are you tired of battling shame?
Long to be truly known and deeply loved?

Hesitant to show others the real you?

We are all made for connection, but many of us live with walls up and hearts closed. What would it take for us to let go and stand tall and unashamed?
I Am Found guides us in just that. This six-week Bible study on shame and identity explores how we can own our stories, trust God’s affections, and relate honestly with Him and others.
Each week begins with biblical teaching and is followed by five days of guided reflection. Drenched in Scripture, and allowing plenty of space to journal and savor biblical truths, I Am Found welcomes you on a personal journey of transformation through God’s Word.

Laura Dingman invites you to build your life on a beautiful, liberating truth: Jesus loves us in our weakness, but He doesn’t leave us there.

My Review

When I saw the title of this book I intrigued, when I read what it was about I wanted to read it, when I read it I was pleasantly surprised! I am found is a beautifully written Bible Study to encourage women not to hide in shame but be found and loved by God. We can't hide from God, he knows all, but we do it anyway. He wants us to be upfront with Him, choose to come and share the things that we want to conceal from Him and the rest of the world.

I think the only thing I wish is the word "hide" was used a lot when asking things like "How are you hiding from God?" I felt other words could've been used to describe what was being asked or would've helped better understand some of the questions in my study time. I looked up the definition for 'hide' and that helped and then the synonyms. Words like 'conceal', 'disguise', 'mask,' helped me to see how I was hiding from God and others.

I really enjoyed this Bible Study. It's encouraging, enlightening, and a pleasure to read and share with others. I liked that it didn't take me 2 hours to do each day, in fact, I liked it enough when I had time I did two in one day, but for the average person this is a great day-starter! For those who wanted to take more time could easily go back to and dig more.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5!

I received this book for free from the publisher’s in exchange for this honest and unbiased review as part of Moody Publishers Bloggers Review program

HCSB Illustrator's Notetaking Bible

Book Description

The Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible combines two hot trends: Bible journaling and adult coloring. Through unique illustrations included on every page spread, readers, illustrator’s, and notetakers alike learn to engage the biblical text in a new way. The exceptional design offers a unique balance for everyone from seasoned artists to the creatively challenged, allowing for guided creativity and meaningful personalization of the Bible reading experience. From filigree, Scripture quotes, and unique images, these line-drawn illustrations are waiting to be brought to life.

Features include:
Over 600 images, including text designs, images, and filigree
Unique illustrations on every page spread

Open margin space for creating new, personalized images
Light grey illustrations allowing readers to add color to each image
Lined margins for note taking

My Review

This is an awesome Bible! The cover is sturdy, the paper is durable for coloring with markers, and the pictures inside are pretty but fun; I can't wait to color them all in! There's plenty of room for note taking in the margins. It's clean and neat, not messy or cluttered. I'm really impressed actually at how well put together it is and neat it looks. It's all very organized and neatly made. Even in the back there is also a "Read the Bible in a year" week-by-week check list for those interested in reaching that goal! 

I've never used a HCSB version but I look forward to using it in the days ahead! If you're looking for something different then I'd surely check it out. 

I give this book a 5 out of 5!

I received this book for free from the publisher’s in exchange for this honest and unbiased review as part of B&H/Lifeway Bloggers Review program

Monday, July 18, 2016

Fire & Ice by Mary Connealy

Book Description

Bailey Wilde is one of the best new ranchers in the West. She's been living disguised as a man for a while, but when Gage Coulter comes to drive her off her homestead, he quickly realizes he's dealing with a woman--a very tough, very intriguing woman at that.

Gage is an honest man, but he didn't make his fortune being weak. He won't break the law, but he'll push as hard as he can within it. Five thousand acres of his best range land is lost to him because Bailey's homestead is located right across the only suitable entrance to a canyon full of lush grass. Gage has to regain access to his land--and he's got to go through Bailey to do it.

Spending a winter alone has a way of making a person crave some human contact. In a moment of weakness, Bailey agrees to a wild plan Gage concocts. Can these two independent, life-toughened homesteaders loosen up enough to earn each other's respect--and maybe find love in 
the process?

My Review

Yes, yes, yes! Mary Connealy has concluded yet another wonderful series! 

Bailey Wilde was definitely an interesting character, I wasn't always sure what to make of her. She had layers I couldn't begin to figure out on my own. I had to read through to finally see who she was (which I guess is the point, to keep reading, right?) Bailey being the oldest of the Wilde Women, she has always looked after her two younger sisters, shielding and protecting them from their not so great, rather low life, of a father. With the war over, now she wants nothing more than to keep to herself and run her ranch, away from people, especially men. But not because she's secretly a woman, no, there's a deeper fear hiding behind the disguise! Each of the Wild Women fought in the Civil War and each one came back with their own battle scars, but scars only become scars once they've begun to heal. Otherwise, they are just open wounds. 

Gage Coulter, icy, fierce...lovely! I was not expecting to fall for this guy! In the beginning I thought he was gonna A) Be a villain. or B) Constant thorn in everyone's side. He sort of was, especially in Bailey Wilde's case! But I was not expecting to find out he's actually a really good and decent guy! A good ole' Texas man moved across the country to the mountains. All we know in the beginning is that he fled to escape fighting in the Civil War. This book explains it all! Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you. Even if you begged me to tell you I wouldn't! 

I will tell you, however, the twist I didn't see coming even a mile away! Gage tells his mother in one of his letters that he is happily married to get her off his case but now he finds out she's on her way across the country to come see him and his wife! Now he has to find guessed it, Bailey Wilde! If you read the other two books you saw this coming but it was still a great surprise! Now with these two married it got that much better! It doesn't end there, now that Mama Gage is there they can't seem to get her to leave. What will Bailey do with her running and calling the shots in her new groom's life?

And like the previous two books: Tried & True, Now & Forever, there is imminent danger lurking in the mountains! Lives are in danger as someone is trying to kill Gage and stage it to look like an accident! Who is this villain? Guess you'll have to read to find out!

Discovering the meaning of love and trust, Bailey must learn to depend on someone other than herself. Not just Gage, but God!

I give this book a 5 out of 5!

I received this book for free from the publisher’s in exchange for this honest and unbiased review as part of Bethany House Review program.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Punderdome! Card Game for Pun-Lovers!


From the daughter-father duo that created Brooklyn's beloved live pun competition comes Punderdome, the "Punderful card game [that] will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party" (

One part game, one part conversation starter, you don't need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun along the way.

A player (the prompter for that round) draws two prompt cards from the deck, and then reads the prompts to the rest of the group, who have 90 seconds to create a single, groan-worthy pun that combines the two prompts.     

When time is up, pun makers share their puns with the prompter, who awards the prompt cards to the player whose pun he or she likes best. The winner then draws the next pair of prompt cards and the process repeats. Players win by obtaining 10 pairs of cards.

Every Game Set Comes With:
·         200 double-sided cards (100 White and 100 Green)
·         2 Mystery Envelopes with fill-in prize slips
·         2 80-page pads for drafting puns
·         1 instruction card and 1 pun example card
·         A stu-PUN-dous time for 3 or more players

My Review

Now that you know what the game is about I can tell you how fun it really is! My sisters and I aren't huge Pun Nerds but we use them from time to time. When I saw this I thought, "this might be fun!" When I got in the mail I quickly read the instructions... it's close to Apples to Apples but with PUN's! I love Apples to Apples, now I just need to work on my Pun's! I think this is a great game for friends and family! I can't wait to get my group of friends together for a game night and play Punderdome!

Have you played Punderdome? What's some of the funniest or worst Pun's you've had or come across?

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for this honest and unbiased review as part Blogging for Books program.