Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Chistmas!

One of my favorite traditions of the season is to sit down and listen to "Adventures in Odyssey: Back to Bethlehem". It makes me laugh and reminds me of when I was little and listened to Focus on the Family on the radio on the way home with my parents.

I only just found out that Back to Bethlehem first aired December 8th, 1990. The same year I was born, I couldn't believe it! When I was about 9 I bought the Audio tapes and have been listening to them to this day, every Christmas, by myself or with family. I hope to carry the little tradition. Kind of like how some people read a Christmas Carol, this is my Christmas Carol. It holds a lot of memories. I remember listening to it while my mom, sisters and I baked cakes for Christmas. Talking and feeling the chill in the air. Another in the car while Christmas shopping. 

So, since I can't share with you the whole audio presentation I have another little surprise for you! Something I found that made my Christmas this year! 

I stumbled upon this and couldn't believe someone had actually taken the audio and acted and synced to the exact words! 

If you want to here the entire broadcast from Focus on the Family, you can download the MP3 (or iTunes, etc) at

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Figgy Friday Spotlight #6

The curtain is unveiling. This weeks Figgy Friday's Spotlight is

"Hard To Believe"
Kaitlyn Watson

It's hard to believe (pun intended!) just how talented this girl truly is. She has a true gift for story telling. Her mind constantly throwing readers into a whirlwind of imagination and emotion. Though this is a rough edit of her story, it still captures me. A girl who has no sense of touch finds herself fighting to get her life and love back with the help of the, slightly flighty, great granddaughter of Fairy Godmother (Cinderella's fairy godmother). It's not a kitty story by far. I don't know all of what this astounding author has in store, but I honestly look forward to this book one day being a bestseller! <3 Modern meets magic, faith, and love!

I don't usually post songs with Figgy Friday's, but I was inspired with this one ;)

See you all next year!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs

Book Description

God Reached Down from Heaven with the Best Gift of All
A sacred season is about to unfold for three women whose hearts belong to God. 
Elizabeth is barren, yet her trust in God remains fertile. Mary is betrothed in marriage, yet she is willing to bear God’s Son. Anna is a widow full of years, yet she waits patiently, prayerfully for the Messiah to appear in the temple courts.

Following in their footsteps, you too can prepare for the Savior to enter your heart, your mind, and your life in a vibrant, new way. Best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs explores the biblical stories of Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna, unwrapping each verse with tender care and introducing you afresh to The Women of Christmas.

My Review

I was so excited to see the blogging for books program has one of Liz Curtis Higgs books available. And not just any book, but "The Women of Christmas!" I was tickled pink.

Liz Curtis Higgs unveils this inspiring book of these three women: Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna. Each one a witness of faith and devotion and showing just how much God loves and values women. She applied what they applied to her life and that we can apply it to our lives in this day and time. It’s not “well that was in biblical times.”

Elizabeth though she was barren and the women around her surely talked about how she hadn't or couldn't provide, as a wife should, she still believed God loved her and that his time was perfect. And when she became pregnant she gave him all the credit.
Mary, when the angel came to her and told her she would have a son, the Son of God, she didn't question it. She didn’t need proof that God could do such a thing. Though she was an unwed virgin, she believed God could do anything and was glad to be a servant and carry our savior.
Anna...Mrs. Higgs really shed light on this woman to me. A widow at such a young age, I could only imagine the heartache and loneliness. But instead of wallowing in sorrow and returning home to her family, she stayed. She devoted her life to God. Praising him. Praying to him. Turning that loneliness into love filled relationship with our heavenly father.

In her Study guide found inside Mrs. Higgs, through God's word, helped me realize what a godly woman can look like and how she can praise Him and show her faith in ordinary daily life. Like keeping your house in order. Cooking. Cleaning. Working. Gardening. Looking for bargains. And that God can do anything. That there is nothing he can‘t do.
How often do we say “Thank you God for making this happen? For loving me. Making me special even when the rest of the world thinks I’m just ordinary. For using me in an extraordinary way. For keeping your promises.”

"For no word from God will ever fail." Luke 1:37 (NIV)

This book is phenomenal. Really for any time of season, but especially one so special. It will get you into the spirit and remind you what it’s truly all about. Merry Christmas Everyone!

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book to me for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review as part of their Blogging for Books program.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kudo's To You?

I was reading "The Women of Christmas" by Liz Curtis Higgs (wonderful, inspiring author) today. In it she asked the reader to look up Proverbs 31:10-31 and choose verses that best describe how a godly woman (in biblical times) lived out her faith in the day-to-day, every day living. Quite a few verses made me think of women like my mom or women like my two great grandmothers that my dad is always telling me about.

"She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day's work for servant girls." Proverbs 31: 13

I'm always listening about how my two great grandmothers were in the kitchen, cooking meals for their family, making sure no one went without food. But it was always a labor of love and one of many ways they honored their Lord and savior.

The verse that stood out to me the most though was the very last two.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised." -- Proverbs 31:30 

I was just talking about that verse (though I couldn't remember it at the time) with my sister; talking about how charm can be deceiving. It's like putting on a cloak to either hide truths or deceive and distract others with vibrant colors. Like the good Lord says "Beauty doesn't last." So once its faded what do we want to be left standing with? I want to be left standing with the Lord our God.

I am supposed to serve and praise Him. Living my life honoring Him even in my day-to-day activities. If I go looking for people to praise my work and expect, demand, to be given a "job well done" as if it’s owed me then am I really seeking to give Him glory and honor? I don't want to be self-servant; it will never satisfy or curb the hunger deep in my soul. We all want to be told we've done a good job, kudos for our hard work.  But God says:

"Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise." Proverbs 31:31

That is what struck my heart most. "Let her deeds" -- her actions, her performances, her attitude and her works, her life and faith -- "publicly declare her praise." Not a word from her/my own lips, but by our good deeds does God say “well done.” That really speaks to me. We don’t need thanks from other people to fill our cup. We can find it by giving him the thanks we think we deserve. He’s the one who deserves it. And get this too. “He will reward us; we don't have to go searching for it.” God wants our actions to speak for us and then He will commend us "a job well done." We may not get it when we want it or think we should get it. But maybe that's the whole point: to stop expecting like we're owed something so we can appreciate the good things God gives us for doing good work in his name. Never taking the credit for it.

I want to be that kind of woman and have that kind of devotion. Cause no one else compares to Him and his approval of me.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Figgy Friday's Spotlight #5

The curtain is unveiling. This weeks Figgy Friday's Spotlight is

"To Freeze the Constellations"

A beautiful poem. I loved how she showed that no matter what, even if our world is tattered and torn God is always there. Even when we forget Him, He's there with arms wide open. Blanketing us with peace and hope. Teaching us to keep moving, dancing, singing, smiling, despite the obstacles we face. Cause no matter where you are in life He will always catch you and make you whole.
(pardon the day lateness of this post!)

Check back December 20 for the next spotlight