Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Chistmas!

One of my favorite traditions of the season is to sit down and listen to "Adventures in Odyssey: Back to Bethlehem". It makes me laugh and reminds me of when I was little and listened to Focus on the Family on the radio on the way home with my parents.

I only just found out that Back to Bethlehem first aired December 8th, 1990. The same year I was born, I couldn't believe it! When I was about 9 I bought the Audio tapes and have been listening to them to this day, every Christmas, by myself or with family. I hope to carry the little tradition. Kind of like how some people read a Christmas Carol, this is my Christmas Carol. It holds a lot of memories. I remember listening to it while my mom, sisters and I baked cakes for Christmas. Talking and feeling the chill in the air. Another in the car while Christmas shopping. 

So, since I can't share with you the whole audio presentation I have another little surprise for you! Something I found that made my Christmas this year! 

I stumbled upon this and couldn't believe someone had actually taken the audio and acted and synced to the exact words! 

If you want to here the entire broadcast from Focus on the Family, you can download the MP3 (or iTunes, etc) at

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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