Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lord, You Don't Need Us?

Lord, You Want Us!

I was rummaging through some YouTube videos that I had saved on my watch for later list and came across a song I had never heard before. I instantly liked it, a lot! I'm not into rap music, it's just not my cup of milk, but this one I really really liked!

As I was listening to the lyrics again last night something caught my attention.

"Redeemed us, He cleaned us, purchased and then freed us,
 All this work but Lord, you don't need us."
What stands out to you in this chorus? I'm going to try something new today. Take a piece of paper and pen or open a document/note. Now think about and write down your answer and your thoughts on that answer before I continue.

Did you get it? Great! So here were my thoughts.

The part that really stood out to me:

 "All this work but Lord, you don't need us."

God didn't sacrifice his son because he needed us.
Jesus didn't give up his life on the cross because he needed us.

He did it all because he WANTED us.

He wanted to save us, not for personal gain but that his love for us was so strong he wanted to take our place. He didn't want to stand and let us die and be apart from Him forever.

If you knew a friend, spouse, family, was about to die, one you were close to and truly loved with all your heart, would you stand by and watch or would you be thinking and willing to give up your life for their's? Jesus is that one true best friend!
"There is no greater love than to give ones life for one's friends." ~John 15:13 (NLT)
Heroes sacrifice their lives for ours, right? Like Captain America! Okay, okay, we'll be a little more realistic. Firefighters, police men, soldiers! Well, Jesus is that hero we all long so desperately for in our lives. Whether its because you're going through hard times or maybe everything is fine but you're lonely though your standing in a crowded room. Maybe you grew up without that hero figure to look up to, but guess what? Just look up.




  1. Well i am the father sent Jesus for us.

    1. Yes :) God indeed sent Jesus, his son, for us. That's because he wanted us to be with Him forever. He wanted our relationship to be restored. :) To think how much he wanted that to be lead Jesus to the cross, to sacrifice his only begotten son, is almost overwhelming. And like in the song, I don't know that I could do it, but He did and I want the faith and trust to follow suit. :)