Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spoken For by Robin J. Gunn & Allyssa J. Bethke

Cover Description

Say Yes to the Love Story of Your Life

A great romance was set in motion before you were born. A relentless Lover is pursuing you, and He has made His intentions clear. He wants you to be His forever. How will you respond to the One who longs for you to be His with your whole heart?
In Spoken For, Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke speak to your heart about what it means for you to belong to Christ, who you are because of His love, and how that affects the way you live. Drawing on biblical promises and their personal experiences,   these two friends share what it’s like to live out God’s unfolding love story.
You are not up for grabs. You are spoken for.

My Review

I was excited to read this book. I love listening to people's love stories and inspiring tales. It gives me hope for my future.

"If God can do that for them then I know he can do it for me!"

Little did I really know just how much he will do for me and why. Robin Gunn and Alyssa Bethke really helped open my eyes to what God sees in me rather than how others see me. To see him as the pursuer of my life and love, because of the love he has for me, brought a new sense of wholeness. Verses from Genesis all the way to Revelations showcase just exactly what God thinks of us. In chapter two there is a list of them in "What God Says About You", which I loved. Be sure to bookmark that page, you'll be making a few trips back to it throughout the book.

At the end of each chapter there are 5 questions called "What do you think?" which I found very helpful and revealing. In a good way! In the beginning, I wasn't sure I was going to do anything more than read and mentally answer the questions, but God told me I needed to write them down, that this was going to be a growing experience. So I prayed for that I might me completely open and honest with my answers. I learned a lot about myself and about God when I answered all those questions and wrote all those notes in between. Like that though I believed God loved me there was still some hesitation deep inside. Yes I believed God loved me, but did I truly deeply believe it? I believed the words that said he loved me but I didn't understand how he valued and saw me for me. I've always been a strong person, but not perfect. I've let people who were close to me hurt me with their words and views of me and believed what they said was true. Even though I knew God loved me, for the reasons most of us know: We are his children, He created us, etc,. But thanks to Robin and Alyssa, I found out so much more!

  • I am of great value
  • He knows everything about me and familiar with all my ways
  • He has given me nicknames: Peculiar Treasure, Beloved, 
  • He will never stop being good to me: Loving, Providing, Sheltering and Comforting, Peace,
  • He delights in me because I am His

I understand better now how God loves us and truly wants us! He's invited us to the wedding feast and will one day come to pick us up on a white horse and carry us away like a fairy tale love story. But this is no fairy tale, it is real!

Both Alyssa and Robin were very relatable. One chapter I found really got to me. The end of chapter 8, one of the questions was "What lies do you currently believe about yourself?" My answer was: "That I'll be alone, no friends, no husband, no family. Everyone will leave me. I'll be alone because no one wants me." And with my track record of friends abandoning me over the years that lie has slowly rooted itself inside my heart. Despite how much I've said and tried to believe otherwise. I put the book down for a couple hours and when I came back to read chapter 9 I found a nice surprise. Robin tells a story about a time when she was so sad she couldn't do anything but sob on the floor. She too had insecurities that held no truth to them even after she was married for years but when her husband came and comforted and covered her, that when I learned something:


My insecurities are lies to hold me back from Him. And what I really loved was how Robin's husband loved his wife as Christ tells every man to do. It made me believe more that there is someone out there for me that will love me as Robin's husband loves her and show that same affection and patience that Christ shows me everyday and I pray Christ's light shines through Him just as brightly.

I wish I had this book when I was in my teens, but then, to be honest, I wouldn't have been able to relate to it as I do now. Or draw so much insight and encouragement from it. I believe this is a great book for any young or old woman. To see God and his pursuit of us as a love/romance story is uplifting and inspiring to any woman. Maybe the husbands of Robin and Alyssa should write a male version companion to this book *hint hint*

I highly recommend this book for yourself or perhaps you have a sister or friend. This would make a lovely gift!

I received this book for free from the publisher’s in exchange for this honest and unbiased review as part of their Blogging For Books program.

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