Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tyndale Rewards!

I was visiting another bloggers website and came across this badge "Tyndale Rewards" and I thought since I'm already in their book blogging program, why not check out their rewards program as well! I am so glad I did! Because I signed up with that bloggers link, I earned a whopping 25 points out the gate! It also gives the blogger 10 points for each person who uses their link. After you collect so many points you can redeem Tyndale products, books, bibles, and audio books! Free!

It doesn't cost you a thing, except maybe two minutes of your time to sign up! After wards it really isn't that difficult to earn points either. I honestly think it will be worth it! You can click the Tyndale Rewards picture above or on the side bar (to your right) to start your rewards today! And to help me earn some more points as well!

God bless!

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