Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 25th Anniversary!

My parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! Original plans were for them to set out for the beach for a couple days, but God had other plans. The weather turned out bad, the water heater sprung a leak, and turns out the beach is closed due to a bacteria levels (because of all the rain). I'd say God was protecting them! They stayed home and celebrated with us!

Dad, the Romantic
It's hard to believe its already been 25 years! God has blessed me with amazing parents. My sisters and I could not have been shown more than or cared for as much as they have. They've shown us the love of Jesus and shared that love with us. Guiding us through our walks and trials in life. Teaching us everything from the moment we were born, from talking to reading and writing. Making friends and being a friend. Sharing and loving others.
All the things the Lord calls us to be my parents have taught me. I couldn't be more grateful to them for that and showing me Love.

As we were out eating lunch today, the waitress heard that it was my parents 25th Anniversary and you know what she said?

"That is just wonderful!" A real awe in her voice and sincerity. "You don't hear that much anymore in this day. People come here to celebrate their 5th or 10th, but their much older and it be their 2nd or 3rd marriage. Congratulations!"

That really touched my heart to hear yesterday. I know my parents will be together until God takes one or both of them home or comes to take us all home. But until then, they'll keep celebrating each year for the next 25 years until the end. I love my parents for setting such a great example for me and others out there that marriage is not easy but with Jesus as their center they can walk hand in hand all the way to the end!

Until The End

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