Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby Needs Our Prayers!

I first heard about Hobby Lobby's stand for christian beliefs, to not endorse the morning after and week after pill, in December. I couldn't have been prouder! We just recently got a Hobby Lobby store in our area and I just love it there! The people there are so nice. I went to go get a buggy (because silly me, I thought we were only going to grab one thing! haha!) and before I could even reach the cart station, one of of the lady employee's asked if I needed and cart and then went and pulled one over to me! I have never experienced such customer service. It really made my day!

In a world where money seems to be everything, I was astounded to when I heard the Hobby Lobby was not letting money or anything else rule them but rather following God's rule. It truly makes me believe that America is not all lost, not yet. There are still so many willing and being shining examples of what as Americans and Christians stand for.

Today the supreme court will be making their final decision on the lawsuit. Though Hobby Lobby seems confident they'll make it, I strong believe in prayer and they need our support! So before you head out to work today, while you're driving down the road or perhaps when your talking with a friend, get together and say a fervent prayer for Hobby Lobby.

I want to give a starter prayer:

Lord, we know this is just an attack from Satan, trying to separate your loved ones from you. I don't mean just Hobby Lobby, but the people fighting against them. Let this stand Hobby Lobby, and everyone working for them and on their behalf, has taken for you be a shining light to the blind in our world who so desperately need you. Continue to protect and work through Hobby Lobby, because Lord we know you haven't left them. You are always there with us.
In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

God bless.