Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Always Looking Out!

I've been reading "the Lookout" bible devotion from YouVersions "Bible app". I really enjoy it. It's
my first entire Bible in One-Year reading program. It gives me about 5 chapters a day to read from 4 different books in the Bible. It starts out with Matthew, Acts, Psalms, and Genesis. And each day you read anywhere from 5 verses to 3 chapters in each book.

So, last week I finished Ruth and turned the page into 1 Samuel. That's Samuel, King Saul, and King David's stories. As I've been reading, I've found an amazing read from start to finish. The last judge and the first king of Israel. How David came into Saul's life and what bond he shared with King Saul's son, Jonathan. And how David then came to be King without killing Saul. 

Here comes the funny, yet really cool part.

I like to play a game called Trivia Crack. Maybe you've heard of it??? Maybe not! History so far has not been my best subject on this fun-filled play. Surprisingly, Arts and Sports has been (if you knew me at all you'd never believe it. Sports is not my forte by any stretch of the imagination. But I guess my imagination is pretty stretched now. LOL.) So, one day late last week I got the question of all questions!

I couldn't believe it! I had just read that chapter not even 24 hours ago. How crazy is that!? But then I thought, you know, maybe not so crazy
I've come to the firm conclusion that God wanted to make sure I was paying attention to my bible studying this week! God's always looking out for me and he just wanted to let me know he was paying attention, too.

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