Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's Time Again, I'm Back!

I've been without/minimal internet access. I'm glad to say that is changing soon! Sometimes God says it's time to take a break and if you don't hear him he will make a way.

I've been doing well, keeping busy with church and home life. I hope everyone else out there is doing well tonight and for those having a rough night "you are in my prayers."

I'm currently reading "The Wonder of You" and a song Susan May Warren uses in the book is one I've fallen in love with in Choir and has been on my heart the past week. I hope you are blessed by it. I almost choked up in choir practicing it this week.

One day I am going to do a study of this song and share some insights that I know will touch you!

For now, listen, enjoy, and tell me what you glean from this song. Leave a comment.


  1. I just love this song, and what a beautiful rendition! Looking forward to your insight, isn't it wonderful how God can speak to us through music?

  2. This is one of my favourite songs! ❤️ What a beautiful voice 🌸 (Flourishing families)