Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Girl in the Orphans Clothes

Today I was looking at our first Figgy Friday Spotlight "William Carter" and I saw he's been quite the busy bee since we last saw him. Hopefully you all have kept better eye on him than I. However, something caught my eye: The Girl in the Orphan Clothing. I don't know, it just intrigued me.
What could he have written in that? I really believe God does pull us to things and we just don't realize it cause we're not as in tuned with Him as we could be. Cause once read this I felt Him drawing me in even more, for something more.

It was a poem, a Haiku to be exact.

Quick note: A Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Using three phrases with 5-7-5 syllable pattern, haiku's are supposed to paint a mental image in a readers mind with those 17 syllables (that is hard!)
I've always had trouble understanding Haiku's. One of my friends loves writing poetry, especially Haiku's, but it's hard pressed to understand them (as I have just found out, they all are, it's not just me!) but there was one special reviewer that explained and helped me understand it.
Alexis Bradley said:
 "The first line represents how sin separates us from God. Are action and how we choose to live our life. The one's that are not Christ like and how easy it is for those sins to pull us away from him."
"The second line represents her separation from the father [God]. Because it doesn't state that she's a orphan rather that she's trapped in the facade of being one. We're all God's children and yet she has lost that and doesn't seem to realize it anymore."
"The last line is Satan's triumphant. He takes pleasure in her separation."
I was amazed by the meaning and depth these 12 words, 17 syllables, held. And what Will told was something many people go or have gone through, including myself. 

Why is it so easy for us to forget "we are all of God's children"? Let me back up here just a moment. Read back the last sentence. What's missing? You've all heard many a times that we are all children of God but there's always something forgotten when we quote that back to people. Something even I hadn't really put together till this evening when I was looking up this verse again.
"So you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus." --Galatians 3:26
We all keep forgetting we have to keep our faith in Christ, our trust and our hope is and should be in Him. Cause when we don't we forget, we get lost or sidetracked and feel like orphans abandoned in a world that's so messed up and without God. But that's not true, we're never alone. Those are the lies we're attacked with by Satan so when he see us he can laugh and try to say he's won. But he hasn't won. No, he hasn't. And he never will. God stands beside you, he's never left you and he never will. Lean on him for everything and in everything you do.
"Trust is like a staff you can lean on as you journey uphill with Me. If you are trusting Me consistently, the staff will bear as much weight as needed." --Jesus Calling Devotional by Sarah Young
 I know many of you have heard Psalms 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd."  I know you have. But listen to this verse carefully. 
"Even when I walk through the dark valley of death, I will not be afraid for you are close beside me. Your rod and staff protect and comfort me." --Psalms 23:4

Dictionary Definition: 

  • Rod: A thin straight bar, esp. of wood or metal; a slender straight stick or shoot growing on or cut from a tree; a wand or staff as a symbol of office, authority, or power.
  • Staff: a long stick used as a support when walking or climbing or as a weapon

Wow. So when your feeling weak you, we, can lean on Him, this staff that's always at our right hand (or if your left handed ;)) ready to hold us up, to help us climb that mountain or fight and protect us against our enemies. ALWAYS there to SUPPORT...You.

Reading the definitions of those two, what once were simple, words has opened my eyes to a deeper meaning of who God is. Though he's a great many things, but we'll save that for another day. :) I'm learning, truly learning, that God is my truest and most trusted friend and lover in the universe and I'm finding comfort in His word and truth. 
I'll leave you with this tonight and hope you have a blessed evening and I thank you for reading. I hope you got as much out of it as I did, or even more. :)
"But I am an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I trust in God's unfailing love, forever and ever." --Psalms 52:8

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