Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting Over Your Ex with Jesus, and more, by DeeannaScott

Dear friends and followers and guests!

Do I have a special treat for you today. As you know, I am Instagram. I love it, I find so many uplifting reminders of God's love.

Using God words and her own experiences she shares her heart which is for God and his children (that's you and me). Using Gods word to shed light on relationship values, both with God and with people in our lives. ~Her account came across my path, literally a God send, when I absolutely needed it most. :) I look forward to her post any chance she gets to post. I hope you will now too!

I'll share these few posts but I strongly encourage you to red all of her posts! If you're having trouble getting over your ex, as I have, than I think you will love this. If not, well I still think you'll find it encouraging and helpful in your life. :) God bless!

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