Thursday, May 12, 2016

AIO: Taking the Plunge

Product Description

In the all-new album, Taking the Plunge, your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters are faced with life decisions and hard lessons.

Will Penny “take the plunge” and say yes to Wooton’s marriage proposal? Will Eugene solve a mystery about missing money? Will Buck make the right kind of new friends? Will Olivia discover how to create a perfect family?

My Review

It had been forever since I've listened to Adventures in Odyssey! How I've missed it. I was so glad when I ordered this set. No matter how old you get, you can always learn something from Whit's End. Though so many of the characters I'm not familiar with some of the new characters now, but they still have the old familiar ones of Connie and Eugene and of course Mr. Whitaker! It wouldn't the same without him. 

I'm already liking the new (for me) characters Wooton and Penny! Definitely lessons to learn for all ages! That's what I've always loved about AIO. It transcends age and limits! If you want something to listen to on the car ride to work one early morning or late afternoon or if you have a trip with the kids, than pop in this 2- disc set, 6 episodes, over 2 hours of fun and learning life lessons!

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