Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dad's Siri Moment of the Day!

You won't believe the moment my dad had with Siri today when trying to call our mom. It cracked my sister and I to death. The things she puts my dad through...

Dad: Call M-----'s mobile
Siri: Do you want me to call your wife?
Dad: Yes
Siri: What is your wife's name?
Dad: M----
Siri: Is your wife M----?
Dad: Yes 
Siri: Do you want me to remember that your wife is M----?
Dad: Yes!
Siri: I have added this relationship

Is it just me or does it seem like she's up to something? LOL. We're watching you Siri. 

This is what went through my head.

Dad: (Wondering what dads calling mom about)
Siri: (Did she just ask if he wanted to call mom? LOL. Did he not just make that request?)
Dad: (Yes)
Siri: (my goodness, how many questions does it take to make a phone call?)
Dad: (anxiously awaiting next response)
Siri: (A lot! She sure does want to know who mom is)
Dad: (I think that's the most yes's I've heard in less than a minute)
Siri: (BHAHA! Laughing to hard to respond to that one)
Dad: (I wonder how many more yes's he has to say before she will finally call mom)
Siri: (Finally! ...added it to what though?)

We may never know...


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