Sunday, November 10, 2013

Autumn's In the Air

Fall is here and I couldn't he happier! Time changed last Sunday and the cool winds are coming in quick. Already it's hitting those amazing 40's and 30's. Putting on jacket's and scarfs like little Piglet!

I went to my cousin's high school last night to see her play in the band! It was my first time going to a football game! Though I'm not a real big fan of the sport (mostly cause I can't follow what's happening. LOL) but it was so much fun just being there with everyone and seeing my step grandfather get so into it had to be one of the highlights of the night for me! But I am here to tell!

When we first arrived we thought it would be nice to sit at the very top of the stadium (good view it was indeed) but none of us realized just how much it was going to take to walk all the way up there. By the time we reached the top everyone was winded and ready to take their seats, or so we thought. Till our bottoms rested on the cold steal seats and the chill reached deep into our bones then we began to wonder why we hadn't thought to bring a blanket or something to sit on! Ha ha!
Then after reaching the top everyone decided they might be thirsty before the game starts. Climbing all the way down and back up again...the thought didn't appeal to me in the least! Except that I would get some exercise in that I've been neglecting this week; that positive thought crept in the back of my mind! Ha ha! However, we moved closer to the bottom and sat with the rest of the crew. I was fine for say the first twenty-minutes, but shortly after sitting with the temperature slowly declining from 46 to 43 and then finally settling at 39 degrees. I was FREEZING. I pulled my wrap over my head, borrowed one of my aunts blankets (thank the Lord for my aunt for bringing lots of blankets!) and wrapped up like a bug in a rug! Everyone in my family knows I love the cold (summer gets way too hot) and when they looked over at me, seeing me all bundled up like some Eskimo they all about died laughing. Asking
"Are you cold over there?"
 Even I couldn't help laughing at myself. Ha ha!
It was worth it though. I had so much fun. Sitting with everyone, cheering when the team made a touch down or stopped the apposing team from advancing and then getting to see my cousin play the xylophone in the band! The whole marching band play was amazing! Even the other teams marching band was fun to watch, especially when they did Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance moves. Ha ha.
It was so cool to see so many people in the band and to do so well. Here's a picture (only capturing 1/3 of the band. Yes there was a lot of people in the band/brigade!)

God bless and I hope all of your weekends starting out as good as mine!

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