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Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

There’s so much I could say about “Forever Friday”, I’d almost tell you the entire story but then what’s the fun if you can’t read and enjoy it for yourself, right? Right! 
If you’d like you can view the Book Trailer and then read my review. Though I tend to enjoy the trailer myself after I’ve read a review. I get more hyped up about it. But that’s one persons glass of lemonade! Shall we begin?

This book begins with Adam Colby. As he’s cleaning out a house for an estate sale he discovers an album filled with postcards signed by a Gabe Alexanders. Each with a love poem and stamp posted every Friday for sixty years. As he reads, he becomes more and more intrigued by the story between each postcard and poem with its gleaming passion and devotion. 

“Two tiny  seashells, together side by side
Wandering to and fro about the morning tide. 
Two tiny seashells, now picked up by man
Who sets them out ot dry upon the glistning sand.
Two tiny shells, how delicate, how proud
To be created by the One whose throne’s above the clouds.
And these two tiny shells are sent to you by me
Because I know you understand God’s wonders by the sea
Forever, Gabe”

Who was this Gabe Alexander? What did he know about love that Adam seemed to lack in his own lost marriage? Stung by the divorce from his wife of twelve years, Adam has been discouraged and is ready to give up on the hope of ever finding love again. Mystified by the Alexanders he begins his journey in trying to find the key to that “Forever.” 
The beginning poem captivated me immediately, it was so lovely and touching. I couldn’t wait to read more of them. In the first few or so chapters when the time periods jump and point of views change, first to Mrs. Alexander in a nursing home then to a Yevette and then quickly back to where it all started. It took a couple jumps for me to get the swing of the in between time jumps and point of views but once you get a it, it actually enriches the overall story. 

March 1926, that’s where the real story begins. Huck Huckabee has her first encounter with Gabe Alexander. From the moment she walks into the shop he knows there is something truly beautiful inside, like a pearl in an oyster shell. Now he can’t get her off his mind; Huck leaves and a month later his sea sky eyes still follow in her thoughts. I have to say, Gabe and Huck’s first chapter together over oysters was one of the most heart fluttering, charming, favorite moments for me. Instantly the characters came to life. Usually it takes a while to get used to characters but Huck and Gabe, it was like you’d known them your whole life! Yet there so much you still wanted to learn about them. I loved that about this book. 
In a fleeting moment, Huck falls in love with Gabe as he does with her. Touching each others heart and soul. Upon their marriage Gabe begins with a promise to write and send Huck a postcard which she receives in the mail every Friday. Even though they live together and never spend more a working day apart, Huck waits excitedly for each one. What devotion. As the years continue there’s trying times, near death experiences, but the highlight of this story and what continued to bring tears to my eyes till the very end: Hope. 
When Huck was ten years old she encountered stranger, possibly even a convict. But Huck believed him to be her guardian angel (as do I). And with each occurrence and unexplainable event just proved him to be real. 

“Grab hope and never let it go.” 

Through that hope, two people found each other; through hope their love not only last for six decades but grew and blossomed, maturing from that foundation and joining together as one. And though parted by death, their love still remained in each others hearts.

Sweet mystery we explore. ...
A timeless understanding. 
Of how The Love Division’s foiled by more
Than tender touch along love’s way, 
But two hearts commanding 
Devotion. ...
On our first
Forever Friday”

Addicting as any Nicholas Sparks book; I personally believe this one succeeded NS’s! It’s now going into my timeless collection. I strongly recommend this book, even if your not a reader and say you have a friend or relative who is, I’d get it for them. It’s a phenomenal book. I hope Timothy Lewis writes more in the future. I’m definitely following this rising author. 

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book to me for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review as part of their Blogging for Books program.

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