Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Boiling Pan of Spaghetti!

Ever just feel like taking a pan of Spaghetti sauce and dumping it on the top of your sisters head?

Yes, I truly felt like doing that yesterday afternoon! Ha ha. I went to bed much earlier than I usually do and woke up just as early. I was full of energy when I got up and decided it was a great time to clean the kitchen! It was spotless. However, people have to eat, which means cooking and messing up the kitchen, right? No biggie, I understand that. But 30 minutes before my sister is about to get ready to go work I come in the kitchen and her mess is still there after two hours! Okay, so no biggie, she still has thirty minutes before she leaves, but just in case I'll remind her and ask if she'll clean it up before she goes. 

Let's just say it didn't go over too well. She was on Skype with her BF and that meant "I can't be bothered" and "don't you dare bother me". My feelings were actually kind of hurt by her attitude and lack of consideration that she would be leaving me with her mess to clean up. 

I didn't get furious with her (like I used to) but my thoughts did turn to that pan of cold spaghetti sauce... No, I didn't actually do it. But she had just finished taking a shower and it was a tempting thought. If I wouldn't get in major trouble, I might have done it just for the laughs (I never get to do anything like that!) but instead I took a deep breath and just waited. Rather than getting upset I let God handle it, whether she washed them or not, I was going to stay calm and not let my crazy emotions get the better of me. But I also prayed that she would come wash them before she left because I really wasn't feeling well enough to cleaning another mess right then, which meant my other sister would have to clean up after it and that didn't seem fair to me either. 

About 10 minutes later she did come in and clean her mess before going to work! Praise Jesus! 
"Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs." ~Proverbs 19:11
Though I've not always been good at keeping my temper in the past, since truly seeking God and trusting Him I've learned to stay calm despite the boiling pan of spaghetti on the stove!

How have you kept your cool in a heated kitchen?

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