Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's the Small Things

It's amazing what blessings God sends to us in our every day lives. Things, people typically don't notice or maybe even take for granted.

Last night, my family decided it was a good night to get a pizza; I couldn't have agreed more. So, we stopped by the store to grab some soda's before picking up the pizza and that's where I met my blessing.

This man and his 9 (I think) year old daughter were waiting in line. The line was really long! So, there was time to kill just standing there. The father struck up a conversation with me about the lines, the stores, and just casual conversation.

See, my family and I just moved up here just before Christmas. Now we're in a much bigger city, a metropolis, from our last home of 10 years. I thought I'd miss it a little, because I knew where everything was and when to go and how to get there, etc,. But, I've realized I not only don't miss it, I like our new home 10 times more then I ever liked our last place.

Sure, it's busier. I don't know where everything is, yet. It takes longer to get to places and there are some days you shouldn't go because traffic is so bad. But here's what I've noticed in the short time I've been here.

The people.

They talk to you. They are more polite. They are just friendlier people.

A couple of times when I've been to the grocery store people ahead of me have done things for me, though they may seem simple, mean a lot to me. Asking if I need help or putting the bar to separate our orders for me, making room for me to put my things on the belt.

With a smile.

It makes me want to cry on the spot.

Things I found out in my ten minute conversation last night:

The man was from Guatemala. He's been here since 1991. In our part of town since 2001. We both agreed Walmart was a crazy place to shop, for many reasons. There's a Walmart (or 2) in the second capital of Guatemala now. The farmers market downtown used to be three times the size of when it first started, you couldn't even find parking. And you can only find replacement toothbrush heads at Publix.

Just having someone initiating a conversation with me made me not fill invisible. Or unapproachable (sometimes I'm too self conscious or maybe believe no one will talk to me because of my size)

That was major part of the blessing. Here comes to icing on the cake.

He finished paying for his and his daughters things. They used some gift cards and the last one had $1.88 left on it. He handed it to me and said to use it. He said it wasn't much, but it was something.

And he was right. It wasn't much in one hand to card wasn't much, but in the other the gesture was worth its weight in gold. It was so kind and genuine.

Then he said, "God bless, you".

So sincere. Not like when some people say it in passing, like they've just made that their signature for every day conversation. But that he meant it, he was asking God to bless me.

Ever since my family and I moved up here, I've felt like God brought us here to start over. That he gave us a new and empty book to start writing the next Arc in our story for his Glory. Haha, that rhymed.

I feel fresh air coming back into my lungs, and it really feels good to breathe again.


Take time out of your day to talk to someone. Someone you don't know or don't ordinarily strike conversations with. In the store, down the road to a neighbor. Engage them with Christ's love and sincerity. Bless someone with your time and attention, even for just a few minutes. You have no idea how much that will impact someones life. It's the small things, too.

Have a wonderful day and

God bless you all, from the bottom of my heart. <3

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