Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Thank you everyone for your prayers! I have a tale to tell you. But in the words of my dad, I'll share what he wrote to everyone! 

Hi Everyone! Thank you all so very much for taking time to pray for my wife and our family today! We had a very long day, but I have great news to share! My wife'ss Triponon levels (the chemical released when you have muscle damage to your heart) continued to 
rise all last night and even more today. The doctors told us that they were very concerned that my wife was not doing well at all and they needed to get her to the cath lab right away! They even had a Cardiothoracic surgeon on standby in case she were to need open heart surgery. 
At 2:00am this morning a very close friend and brother came up to the hospital and prayed with her and I asking The Lord to touch her in such a way that it would be undeniable that it was HIS HAND OF HEALING; that there would be absolutely no signs of damage, no blockages, no surgery needed and that she would be perfectly whole!
Friends and family..... GOD SHOWED UP! The doctors came out of the cath lab and said while they knew she surely had a heart attack, there was absolutely NO heart muscle damage, NO blockages, not even any plaque! "GO FIGURE THAT" he said! He said her heart was perfect in every way.... unexplainable for someone who clearly had a heart attack! DOES GOD STILL HEAL???? YES HE DOES!!! And why should we be amazed that HE will do what HE PROMISES to do in HIS word!
After a few hours more in the hospital, many nurses and hospital staff stopping by to tell us how remarkable that was, and many tears of gratefulness & JOY, she's at home and resting! PRAISE GOD!
Thank you all again for all of the prayers, phone calls, and messages! We felt HIS PRESENCE and your love in such a powerful way! We are blessed to have each of you in our lives! God used you today!!! We were eye witnesses to answered prayer!
We love you all and are so very grateful!!"


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