Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Delight!

I got a lovely package in the mail the other day! Evergreen, a Christiansen family novella by Susan May Warren! Check it out! Eeek!

I couldn't wait to share this with you guys. Wanna know how I came to get this little treasure? Through Tyndale Rewards! I'm serious. I didn't spend a penny on this book! 

This is actually the second item I've received from Tyndale Rewards. I can't tell you the other one (it's a surprise present for my sister!) but it looks just as wonderful as this! I redeemed it for 70 points a few days before Christmas and it came 3 weeks later in perfect, brand new condition! I truly love this program! 

Here's how it works, easy and simple: sign up!

Seriously, it's that easy. If you use my promo code when you sign up, you get an additional 25 points for signing up. I get 10, but I'd do this without any incentive. However, you guys get the better end of the rewards! Which is why I added my promo code to this post. Every 25 points counts!You can earn up to 50 points a month just for tweeting about it, sharing on your facebook, or blog. Then there's simple survey's that get you a pretty bunch of points. 

"Evergreen" was only 70! 

And there are so many more for that same price, some even a little lower. There's more than just fiction, too. There's Bibles, Non Fiction, Audio books. If you're careful and watch out, some books get featured that aren't normally on there (like Evergreen!) 

When I first started out with this program, I earned almost immediately 150. Spent 175 and then a couple months later earned another 150; spent 70. And then earned back more than half of it in the same hour just by tweeting! And, because they are Tyndale products, I can earn 10 per item I review as well. So, I will earn 10 points back (because you all know I love to share my books with you all!), which really only made it 60 points in the end!

I'm not hear to win more points. I'm sincerely sharing with anyone who's interested in this to sign up and really get some free (non hassle), Christian books. :) I am truly impressed with them and had to share about it.

Click the Tyndale Reward picture below. It will bring you straight to the signup with my promo code already set in. You just fill in your email address and zip code and your ready!

Incase the picture link doesn't work you can click here, too: 

God bless you this fine Thursday!

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